Tin Foil Top Hat is an alt rock group forged from disparate styles, a wide range of experiences, and an international ethic that keeps them relevant on two continents.

Based in Seattle, they bring a level of cutting artistry to the scene with intricate instrumentation, emotionally charged lyrics, and attention grabbing melodies. Their sound invokes a quiet fervor that compels the listener to  enter at their own risk and yet continue forward.

Tin Foil Top Hat just returned from a 7 state tour to promote their new album, The Superhero Wins, available on streaming services and hard copy. 


Paul Abner picked up his first guitar at age 9, studied classical guitar at Whitworth University, and is a veteran song writer with several tours under his belt. 

Peter Peng, born and raised in Beijing, and member of the Chinese boy band, O2O, moved to the US to pursue his music career. In 2017 he won first place in the Voice of UW. 

Nicole Ryan might not be God, but since you can't prove she isn't, that means you must respect the faith of anyone who believes she is. Also, she plays drums.

Eddy Fey is a bassist from the deep south who escaped to Seattle and found home. He has vast experience with several styles from rock, fusion, folk, Cuban, jazz, to Arabian minor scale bands with belly dancers. He’s a bass lover with a soul groove.



For upcoming show dates, or to just stalk us from a safe distance, visit our Facebook page.